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10 years of Experience in Tattoo Industry

Ashwin Solanki is a successful self-made professional tattoo artist in indore. Started in 2010 as a freelancer, he founded the studio in 2015. Apart from being an extremely talented tattoo artist, he trained over 300 aspiring tattoo artists.

Ashwin Solanki started his journey in tattooing without any guidance. After a lot of struggle, he finally managed to work under the guidance and learned this art. After putting in a lot of effort and hard work for 10 years, he is now a renowned and successful tattoo artist. He strives for perfection when it comes to tattooing and wants to provide proper guidance for aspiring tattoo artists, which brings to his mission which is a tattoo on every hand by fine hands. A side from its classy tattoos and designs, Leo Tattoo Studio is especially known for its safety and hygiene. Not just in the pandemic, Leo Tattoo Studio in Indore has been giving priority to safety and personal cleanliness from its early days and will make sure that it’s followed even after the pandemic is gone.

Leo Tattoo Studio Indore

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Leo Tattoo Studio in Indore is one of the best tattoo studios in the city. We are committed to providing you the best experience ever. As a business, it is our top notch priority to keep our valuable customers happy and satisfied. We have created more than 1, 00,000 tattoos so far and undoubtedly have miles to go. Founded in 2015, Leo tattoo studio is owned by Master Ashwin Solanki. He has worked tirelessly to build the foundation of this studio from scratch.

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